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Keep the episodes coming, you say?


We have reached a pinnacle of success with our series that we never thought possible. However, we have a lot more to do! While we have seen success with our first 3 episodes, funded along with our upcoming fourth episode by our Backers and fans on Kickstarter, we still need your help continuing the voyages of the original 4th and 5th years of the mission. The funds received through our crowdfunding and donations page all go towards our production costs. Our production makes no money as required by the copyrights held by CBS/Paramount.


Since releasing our first three episodes, we have had an enormous outpouring of support from fans asking how they can help with the expenses. To answer that call, we ask that you use our donate button for your convenience. We are currently planning our second Kickstarter to launch in the fall. We thank all the fans for the support! You are why we are doing this – we love classic trek as much as you do! We hope it shows!


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