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Keep the episodes coming, you say?


We have had a huge, positive response from fans about our first episode. Our production makes no money as required by the copyrights held by CBS/Paramount. So, up until now, the Executive Producers and others on our team have helped to make this production a reality. We decided when we started this effort that we did not want to solicit donations for the first episode. Instead, we wanted to show you what we can do – a sort of “proof of concept.”


Since releasing “Pilgrim of Eternity,” we have had an enormous outpouring of support and fans asking how they can help with the expenses. To answer that call, we have decided to add a donate button for your convenience. We are considering a fundraising campaign that we would launch through Kickstarter or Indiegogo. If we do, all those who donate via this page will receive the same backer rewards, whatever they may be, according to donation levels. We thank all the fans for the support! You are why we are doing this – we love classic trek as much as you do! We hope it shows!


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