LARRY NEMECEKTake a fondness for NASA’s pioneering Right Stuff, run it through a science-fiction and fandom filter with a big love of history, and toss in schooling and careers in news, theatre and entertainment — and that starts to explain the Larry Nemecek story. From his local news perch, Larry’s annual TNG concordance guides caught the eye of Star Trek’s TV writers and Pocket Books all the way from Oklahoma, of all places — so much so that the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion became the first episode guide for modern Trek.
Larry has written for Star Trek: Voyager and is widely considered to be the world’s authority on all things Trek. His latest book, Stellar Cartography, is the definitive guide to the Star Trek galaxy. In addition, Larry filled in for Chuck Huber as Dr. McCoy in the first two episodes of STAR TREK CONTINUES.