KIPLEIGH BROWNKipleigh is perhaps best known as engineer Jane Taylor in Star Trek: Enterprise, and for playing the lead role in Entertainment One’s scifi noir feature Yesterday Was a Lie. She was selected as one of the “Hot Leading Ladies” of film by Film Fetish and named Best Actress at the Shockerfest International Film Festival. Kipleigh portrays the exotic alien Kuumaarke in Star Trek Online.
Born and raised in Chicago, she studied at Steppenwolf and Second City and performed in numerous theatrical productions around the Windy City. Other TV and film credits include R.U.R.: Genesis, Disney’s The Suite Life, The Magic Door, Relative Strangers starring Danny DeVito, and the Sundance film Design. Kipleigh also writes for and performs in Top Story! Weekly, a topical sketch comedy show at the iO West in Hollywood.