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Star Trek Continues is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning and fan-produced webseries. The show is the brainchild of long-time Star Trek TOS fan and talented Producer, Director, Actor, Voice-Actor and musician – Vic Mignogna. Vic and our team of talented film professionals have put together one of the most recognized and popular fan-productions ever made.


Vic Mignogna and team are proud to be part of Star Trek history with the fan production aimed at completing the final two years of the original 5-year mission. With the first three of many episodes in the can, the show is already making waves having had a successful Kickstarter and in attracting guest stars of the likes of Michael Forest, Lou Ferrigno and Erin Grey as well as cameos by Star Trek alum such as Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn.


In association with Farragut Films and Dracogen Investments, Vic Mignogna (Far From Home, LLC), plans to continue to raise the bar in the quality of the stories and overall production of this new fan-based series.


Keep your eyes open on this site for new episodes and information on our production as we will release it here first.


Far From Home, LLC is an entertainment production company headquartered in Texas and Vic Mignogna is at the helm having produced several shorts, this new Star Trek series and a docket of other planned projects, this production company is set to blaze trails across Federation space.


Farragut Films is a film group headquartered in Washington D.C, which produces Starship Farragut, a webseries based on Star Trek: The Original Series. They have completed five live action films, two animated episodes, and one comic book. Farragut Films is in pre-production on a new series entitled, Farragut Forward. Farragut Films is a non-profit entity within the State of Maryland. For more information, please visit www.FarragutFilms.com.


Dracogen Strategic Investments is the creation of Steven Dengler – entrepreneur, pilot, co-founder of XE.com Inc., and all-round geek. Dracogen is committed to making awesome things happen whenever it can. Besides backing some pretty amazing tech companies, it also supports fun creative projects and has a particular affinity for Child’s Play Charity. Learn more about Dracogen at www.dracogen.com.


Stupidcat.com is a unique and successful web property run by Steve Crandall. Steve has 18 years of experience in web and social media marketing. He continues to hand pick projects and provide free web design and marketing support to anyone via Twitter (@stupidcatdesign). Steve is writing several eBooks pertaining to online marketing and on running successful Kickstarters. Learn more about his work at Stupidcat.com